Saturday, December 27, 2008

I heart my elliptical machine

Even after icing my lower back last night and early this morning my hamstring pull was still aggravated. I read online that you can run with a grade 1 hamstring pull but very soon after I started to run this morning I realized that was a bad idea. We are having guests over today and knew my window for training was short so I decided to see if the elliptical machine, with its low impact motion, would feel better than running. It was a good decision to use the elliptical as I couldn't feel the injury at all. I did 45 minutes at medium-high resistance which ended up being a decent workout. My machine displays a number of metrics, including watts, which are a measure of energy expended. I was told that watts are a constant that can be observed on different equipment so you can compare training efforts across disciplines. That will be a useful benchmark for tracking progress going forward. As much as I love this machine I'm still waiting for Fitness Showrooms to install a new heart rate monitor. They said the part should arrive soon...

Although the elliptical is a great alternative to running it isn't running. It's a method not a sport (have you ever met someone who categorized themselves as an "ellipticaler?"). Tomorrow will either be a rest day or I'll try a light run depending on how I feel overnight. I am disappointed to encounter an injury, however slight, over my vacation. I was hoping to build up some distance in anticipation of the 4 mile race. There's still over a week left before I return and plenty of time to hit the track.

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