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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spending my (City Sports) dollars wisely

A combination of residual soreness from Sunday's run and a rare post-work celebration last night prevented me from running this morning. I hardly ever drink and almost never go out after work but last night was our sendoff for Adventure Girl who is leaving the company to finish of her Master's studies at Yale. By May she'll be graduated and off to the west coast to do research in her field. There was a great turnout at the place with people we hadn't seen in some time. We are sad to see AG leave but we know the friendship will continue.

Craft-y bargain at City Sports
I'm slightly regretting not running this morning because tomorrow morning's weather will be rainy and I'll be forced to workout indoors. I just got a great bargain at City Sports using my CS dollars earned by being a City Sports "Insider." It's a $45 Craft running shirt that cost me $7 after discounts and applied credits -- I'm picking it up at the store today. A new running shirt will be good consolation tomorrow morning when I'm forced to get back on the treadmill.

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