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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A good experience saves an unexceptional performance

That seductive smell of salt and rotting fish
Today's run (street) 2.5 miles

This morning I had my first street run since Saturday. Sunday's workout was done on the track and Monday's on the trail. Yesterday I stayed in and used the elliptical machine. My performance on Saturday was sub-par (actually, in golf terms that would have been a good thing) while Sunday's speed work happily went the other way. I kept things easy on Monday's run at Stillwell and anticipated some decent performance today. I figured that the speed work would have primed me for that.

When I stepped outside I could feel the humidity but what really struck me was the sharp scent of the ocean that comes with living close to Long Island Sound. I moved along well with none of that leg weightiness that plagued me most of last week. I thought I had a chance of recording a decent overall pace. Early on in the run I landed on a sharp piece of road gravel that confirmed my mid-foot strike, but no damage done.

Despite what I thought was a brisk workout, I only ended up averaging a mid-9:00 pace. I guess I could have worked harder but I really did feel like I was pushing my pace. I don't really care that my performance wasn't the best; the run felt good and the air smelled like summer on Cape Cod.

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