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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lost on the run, but only for a moment

Dazed and confused
Today's run (street): 3.4 miles

I got outside a little earlier than yesterday to try to beat the heat. As we move toward summer, I know that I'll need to get out even earlier. Unlike yesterday's sunny, humid and hot conditions, the morning sky was overcast and the air was cool. A slight breeze from the north made it even cooler, but still comfortable.

Back when I lived in Massachusetts, I would drive along winding, tree-lined county roads through nearby towns like Dover and Sherborn. It was quite scenic, but visually indistinct.  I'd sometimes be so focused on my thoughts that I'd zone out and lose track of where I was exactly. I was very familiar with the area, but the specific location context was missing. Eventually I'd see something distinctive and immediately reorient.

As I moved along this morning, my thoughts became focused on some new business and technology ideas. Somewhere around the two mile point of my run, I realized I wasn't paying attention to my location. I wasn't too concerned because I've literally run my neighborhood roads more than a thousand times and I know every street, house and car on it. But for 20 seconds, I had no clue which street I was running on or whether I'd missed taking a turn on my planned route.

I finally recognized where I was, happy that I didn't miss the approaching turnoff. It was fun to be in that moment, when my boring old neighborhood looked unfamiliar. It was also nice to disengage from the run and still make progress on my distance. I'm not looking to zone out like that all the time, but today it brought some novelty to some well trod ground.

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