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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

7:04 pace for 2.8 miles? All it takes is a little math

Today's run (street): 2.8 miles at 8:59

Once again I managed to squeak under the 9:00 per mile threshold for my early morning run. While I haven't been all out sprinting during my runs I have been putting a lot more effort into the process. It makes me wonder how far I could really push it without my heart rate moving into dangerous territory. 8:59 makes me happier than 9:00 but, regardless, that pace range was characterized as "pedestrian" in an article I recently read in a running magazine. How insulting! I may run at a pedestrian pace but  according to other articles I'm really much faster than that. Based on what I've also recently read, here is the Emerging Runner Guide to rationalizing your pace:

1. Every 5 degrees above 60 adds 20-30 seconds per mile to pace
@ 75 degrees (3 x -15 seconds) =  8:59 - 45 seconds = 8:14

2. Every 10 degree difference above 60 at the same relative humidity = 35 seconds per mile
@ 75 degrees (1.5 x 30) = 8:14 - 45 seconds = 7:29

3. Age compensation (compared to fit 20-something runners) and 4:00 AM start time
Lets just subtract another 25 seconds...

Using the above guide I see that I'd actually achieved an average pace at 7:04 per mile this morning. How about that?! I guess I'll need to work a little harder or find more formulas to get me into the 6:00 range.

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