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Thursday, October 15, 2009

That's a wrap!

The folks at Active Wrap sent me samples of their award-winning heat/cold wraps for knee and leg and for foot and ankle. They are constructed from quality materials and use Active Wraps non-migrating heat/cold packs that distribute their material evenly compared to a typical economy gel pack that pools away from the point of compression. I'm thinking that the heat and compression will be ideal for my layover between legs of my race where I'll need to stay limber for about 2 hours between my first and second run. Perfect timing to receive these wraps, I'll experiment with them this weekend before and after my long runs.

I have completed much of the work that's been taking me away from running this week and I can't wait to hit the street tomorrow. Despite my toe problem I will run because it isn't debilitating and I don't think running hurts it further. My goal for this weekend is two long runs, each over five miles. If I can, I will try another two-fer, with a three mile run, 2 hour rest and second run of five or six miles. I'm hearing that we may get a nor'easter by Saturday so I may have to go back to the dreaded treadmill after literally months away. It will have to be pretty darn wet and cold to get me back running indoors. I'm hoping the weather reports are wrong because I really want to hit the trails at least one of the two weekend days but not if they're full of mud.

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