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Saturday, August 18, 2012

My 40 minute MVP

Today's run (treadmill): 40 minutes

Weekends are usually busy and today was no exception. Appointments started early and with  intermittent rain, I was relegated to the treadmill. I had to finish my run in time to shower, grab a quick lunch and head to the dentist, so I targeted 40 minutes for my workout. Precision timing, but it worked out fine.

The humidity was higher than I expected it to be. Even though I'd opened windows on both sides of the room and put on the standing fan, it was hard to bear. I regretted having the fan in oscillation mode rather than aiming it directly at me. Blasting the AC would have also been a good idea.

At work we often talk about the concept of developing an MVP, (Minimally Viable Product) and today I started with a "Minimally Viable Pace." That meant, considering the heat, humidity and my general discomfort with the treadmill, it felt hard enough to constitute a good workout.

By the 20 minute mark I was really hating the experience but I had enough energy to bump up my speed by a few tenths. I continued to increase the pace until I was running at 10K race pace for the final five minutes. I was very happy to hit the button to slow down the machine after 40 minutes and the Gatorade that followed never tasted better.

Tomorrow is the Dirty Sock 10K and I'll admit that it feels like I'm playing hookey by not participating this year. I'm hoping to get out for a long run on Sunday as I prepare for September's Cow Harbor race. A little less humidity is all that I ask for.

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