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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Two runs: One muddy and one with my buddy

Today's runs (Stillwell Woods: 3.75 miles, 1 mile: street)

I headed over to Stillwell Woods this morning for a change of pace from pavement. I wasn't thinking about trail conditions, but recent rains had soaked the trees and the paths below. I wore my Mirages that do a credible job on dirt trails, but they have no waterproofing capabilities.

After seeing some large pooling along the main trail, I cut into a side path that would lead me toward my usual loop. The mud was slippery and the Mirages, intended primarily for roads, proved unstable at times. I switched to a different route that I thought might be drier and continued along until I crossed back over to my normal route.

I worried about catching a root or a rock that would send me flying into a puddle of muddy water. There were a few close calls but I managed to stay upright throughout the run. As a result of the mud, the trails were almost empty. I only encountered a single mountain biker and a woman who was running her dogs around the big field.

I circled the field thinking that the sun exposure would have dried out that trail, but I found many slippery spots. I finished my run with hard sprint past the trail head to the Stillwell entrance and then back to my car. I felt so good that I didn't want my run to end.

Another minimalist runner in the family
When I got home, my daughter was up for a quick run around the neighborhood. We recently bought her a pair of Saucony Kinvaras and she felt like taking them out for a spin. We took off at a moderate pace with my daughter pulling ahead with a little more speed. We completed our distance quickly and I was pleased to have had a nice cool down run to complete today's workout.

It's been a really nice weekend for running. I'm aiming to run the Oyster Bay Supervisor's 5K on October 15, so next weekend I'll do some speed work and hill practice. For now I'll just enjoy the fact that I had a great trail run this morning. Better still, I was back to running with my buddy -- the Emerging Runner, Jr.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wet + warm = muddy racing on Sunday

Last weekend they were predicting snow by mid-week and here we are on Wednesday with the snow coming down light and wet. This, combined with increasingly warmer temperatures that are predicted for the coming days, could make for some interesting conditions at Stillwell Woods on Sunday. Yesterday I was speaking to my friend FS who recently ran a 10 mile NYRR race in Prospect Park. She predicted that Sunday's course will be very muddy. I hadn't thought about that because I was focusing on conditions related to snow. But mud is much more likely. I'm not really sure how I should handle the run in that case since my experiences with mud are limited to navigating around large puddles on the paths. I've always run around, rather than through those areas, because I don't have waterproof trail shoes. I'm hoping that my HH Trail Lizards will hold up under extremely muddy conditions and I'm slightly worried that running in mud will make a tough course even tougher. Then again, if it was easy why would we do it?

I'm getting to the end of my race training and this morning I ran 2.4 miles and felt great throughout the run. However, I'm realizing that those Old Navy RECTECH shirts are cheap for a reason. While they are lighter and provide less friction than cotton they collect sweat like cotton. After today's session I've decided to relegate them to outer layer status and use them for their bright color rather than their wicking performance.

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