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Monday, June 18, 2012

Simulated and stimulated on the treadmill

View of the open road, via the guest room
Today's run (treadmill): 50 minutes

My daughter is graduating from middle school tonight and there's a lot happening today. Although the weather is clear and cool outside, I elected to do today's run on the treadmill. I did that mostly to save time, plus it gave me an opportunity to try running with my iPad using Visually Active while I listened to my favorite podcast.

The cool outside air didn't quite make it into the guestroom, and it wasn't long before I was really sweating. The podcast was entertaining but I quickly regretted the outside-the-ear headphones I'd chosen. Unfortunately these headphones didn't position the ear buds close enough to hear, unless I put the volume on my phone to the highest level. When the cord tugged at the headphones it changed the position of speaker, causing jarringly loud sound.

Still, most of the run it was fine and listenable. The ever-moving scene of the Pacific Northwest unfolding in front of me (simulation provided by Visually Active), helped alleviate the boredom of the treadmill. I noticed that Visually Active reuses much of its video on the longer runs. The 50 minute "run" was actually the same footage I'd seen on their shorter "runs", stitched together in 15 minute segments.

I didn't push my speed too much on this run, but I kept the incline at about 4% most of the time. It was a good workout and not too taxing, on what I usually consider my weekly rest day. The day's activities continue and I'm looking forward to seeing my daughter receive her diploma tonight. Maybe tomorrow I'll finally get that long run in at Bethpage.

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