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Monday, December 20, 2010

Sometimes the hardest part of a marathon is just getting in

Yesterday's tough effort reminded me of a year ago when I quickly went from a fit and healthy runner to an IV fed hospital patient. I'm not saying conditions are the same this year but I was very run down most of this weekend. Last year I would always choose the "power through" strategy and run my miles despite the way I felt. I've learned the danger of doing that and I'm fine with backing off if I must. Last week's mileage total was only 11, about half of my usual distance covered. Today I feel well and I think it's because I listened to my body, stopped my run short of planned distance, and rested appropriately.

I'm already looking to 2011 for new running accomplishments and adventures. I'll be posting my next year's goals soon. One goal is to run a half marathon, a distance I would have thought impossible three years ago. It might have been nice to make my first half the NYC ING race but the lottery opened and closed too quickly for me to react. My friend Dave put in his lottery bid and I hope he gets selected.

For those those who want to run the Boston Marathon next year but didn't qualify or didn't get a lottery pick there's another way to get in. I was contacted by Kristina Sym, manager of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary charity marathon team that will participate in this April's Boston Marathon. She said there are still a few spots left on their 50-member team. Team members must commit to raising a minimum of $5,000 for research and patient care at Mass. Eye and Ear. Fundraising and training support will be offered. Interested runners can contact or (617) 573-6364. More information can also be found at:

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