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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Progress made on a progressive run

Progressively paced
Today's run (street): 3.25 miles

I've been feeling a little down about my running lately, because I haven't been able to generate much speed on my training runs. I feel I should be meeting certain paces and I've come up short over the last week. The fact that my race times have been going in the wrong direction has fed into this frustration. Today's run didn't completely reverse my perspective, but it certainly helped my confidence.

It's hard to explain my current issues. I'm not running to exhaustion, but I've felt like the effort I'm putting in isn't translating into commensurate performance. I haven't been pushing the pace like I'd do if I was training for a race, although I do have a 10K coming up in three weeks. I shouldn't be expecting greatness, but perceived effort seems greater than observed performance.

I started out slowly and expected this run to be another disappointing effort, but I picked up speed every mile, finishing up a minute and half per mile faster than I started. This improvement was not apparent in the moment. It wasn't until I'd downloaded my Garmin's data that I saw my negative splits and realized I'd managed to hit an acceptable overall pace.

I'm glad to have tomorrow, my weekly rest day, for further recovery. I'll need to turn my attention to race training soon. For now I'm just happy to have broken my streak of sub-par runs.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where can I get a SAG card?

Making the scene, literally
Today's run (treadmill): 25 minutes

Only in NYC can you get to your office and not be surprised to see camera and lighting trucks setting up along the street. They're filming a major studio movie here and the subject matter relates to one of my company's iconic brands. This is the second time they've filmed here in the last few weeks and I have a great view of the action from my office window (see above). Hmmm, I wonder if they need any extras?  

This morning I did a treadmill run because the weather report had predicted rain. I'm not sure it was raining when I got up to work out, but the humidity indoors was extremely high. This was my penultimate run before the New Hyde Park 8K, so I increased my effort by adding some incline through my progressive speed workout.

I felt fine the entire run except for my feet that are still sore at the bottom. In an odd way, the soreness helped, because it took my mind off the hard effort of running in the heat and humidity. As strange as it sounds, I think that made a difference. Despite the hot conditions, my run seemed to go by quickly and it never really felt like it was too much to bear. One more run to go and my taper is complete. Then onto Hollywood. I mean New Hyde Park.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Taper-ending tempo -- now the rest begins

Today's run (treadmill): 2.6 miles

I finished my taper this morning with a progressive tempo run on the treadmill. I would have liked my last training run to happen outdoors but the wet weather kept me inside. In a way it worked out well. My original plan for an outdoor run was to cover a mile as quickly as possible and nothing more. On taper week you want quality miles even if it means running less of them. Since I was on the treadmill I changed my plan and did my run starting at an easy pace and increased speed every two minutes so that by the end I was running 25% faster than when I began.

My overall pace wasn't impressive but I thought the exercise was beneficial. Over the past couple of months my strategy has been to finish my runs faster than I'd begun. It would be great to achieve negative splits during Sunday's 5K. I'm looking forward to a couple of days rest and hoping for the best on Sunday.

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