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Thursday, July 18, 2013

No runs or posts, but plenty of excuses

Reston runners Tom (left) and Ryan (right)
Last run (Sunday 7/14): 5 miles

Hey, remember me? It's been a long time since I've posted and this is due to two things. The first is the distraction of being on the road for nine days, as we traveled to various places between Long Island and Florida. The second thing is my failure to notice that I'd left my laptop in the hotel in Virginia Beach. Despite the fact that my laptop bag is bright red and I'd actually gone back to the room to look around "one more time", I still managed to miss it. Thanks to UPS, we were reunited today.

I didn't do too much running while on vacation, so my guilt meter is at an all time high. I did get a couple of great runs in while I was in Sarasota. However, with a different destination almost every day and a full schedule of daily activities, I couldn't coordinate around hotel treadmill availability. That said, I did manage to rack up 18K steps the day we visited Universal Studios, so at least I got some exercise.

We returned home this afternoon, and our last stop was Reston, VA where we visited some friends. While in Reston, I stopped into Potomac River Running, a really nice store that's located in Reston Town Center. I chatted with Tom, and told him about the Dirty Sock and Great Cow Harbor races that are held on Long Island. So even if I didn't run, at least I paid homage to the sport.

Tomorrow will be a busy day, as I catch up on business. But before I do any of that, I plan to revisit the streets of my neighborhood for the first time in ten days.

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