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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Goodbye race bibs

Scene from the early days of the collection
Yesterday morning I took down the 22 race numbers that I had tacked up on two walls in my office over the last few years. The first number was from the Marcie Mazzola 4 miler, my first race. I put it on the wall to carry that great experience into my work day. From then on, after every race, I'd pack my number into my work bag and look forward to adding it to the wall on Monday.

Last week I decided that this display, though fun and colorful, had grown to become the dominant feature of my work environment. If I worked at Runner's World or was in some way associated professionally with running I could probably justify having this display that spread like kudzu across the room. I debated whether I should keep only the number from my last race up as a more understated symbol of my dedication to running. Ultimately, I felt like I'd just be doing the same thing, but in a different way.

I wondered if anyone would notice that the numbers were gone. If people did, they haven't mentioned it. I'll miss looking at the numbers and thinking about the great memories that go along with every race they represented. I'll probably put them somewhere in our guestroom/workout room at home where they can continue to inspire me.

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