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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The effects of the pseudo flu

Today's run (street) 3.5 miles

This weekend has been very busy, but only in the best way. On Saturday we got family together to celebrate my dad's birthday - a big one. That party, combined with some ill effects from my recent flu shot, prevented me from running yesterday. Our weekend activities continued through Sunday with my brother and his family who had come in from out of town. Their 3 year old sons, supervised by our middle schoolers, made for non-stop action all through the house. After everyone left I went out for a run but it didn't go too well. I know the flu shot doesn't give you the flu or even introduce an active virus, but for three days I've felt fatigued and have suffered from headaches.

By this afternoon those effects had passed and I went out with the intention of running five to six miles. I dressed for the low 30's weather and felt okay for the first mile and a half. Soon after that I began to feel sluggish and my legs were feeling heavy. I decided to abandon the planned route and finished the run after 3.5 miles. By the end it felt as though 10 pound weights were attached to my legs. I'm obviously fighting some cold or virus and after a shower I took a quick nap to regain some energy before we headed out for another get together. As of right now I'm feeling well but I'll probably take my usual rest day on Monday.

I have two city runs planned this week before I wrap up my work and start my vacation on Friday. I'm hoping my strength will return in full. I'm also hoping that my flu shot will protect me all through the winter season. At some point this weekend I questioned if the cure was worse that the cause.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Carbon copy run

Today's run (street): 2.6 miles

I thought we'd get a break from the freezing weather by now but this morning the temperature was 19 degrees, even colder than yesterday. My gear has done an impressive job keeping me comfortable through these morning workouts and that was the case today. Despite forgetting my Garmin and having to go back up to retrieve it, I managed to get out the door on schedule. Today's run was very similar to yesterday's, a little longer and a little faster, but my form and mechanics were no different.

I'm not sure how long or even if I'll have time to run on Saturday because I've got appointments in the morning and we're hosting a party in the afternoon. Sunday may bring snow so that could undercut my distance running this weekend. I have some city runs with friends lined up next week so I'll look forward to those. By Friday I'll be on vacation and that will give me more flexibility for longer runs. I got a flu shot yesterday courtesy of my company's in-house medical department. I got a pneumonia shot from my pulmonologist earlier in the year. At least I won't be facing those risks while I'm away over the holiday break.

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