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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My running hauraches have arrived

The first pair of running shoes I ever received in my mailbox
Today's run (street): 2.5 miles

A few weeks ago I was provided an opportunity to test a pair of running huaraches made by a company called Invisible Shoes. These shoes, provided either ready-made or in kit form, are copies of the sandals worn by the Tarahumara natives that were featured in the book "Born to Run." I decided to try the kit option which involves punching a hole in the supplied 4mm Vibram rubber outsoles and threading the laces to achieve a correct fit.

These huaraches will provide an even more minimal experience than my Hattori's and while I was confident that my transition from Kinvara to Hattori would go smoothly, I have some concerns about how I'll do with these sandals. It's not that the huaraches provide zero cushioning that concerns me, it's the form factor. I don't like open shoes or flip flops and I worry about the lace rubbing against the inside of my toes as I run.

In the past I thought that the lighter the shoe I wore, the faster I'd run. I've since changed my viewpoint and I'm not expecting to run faster with these huaraches. This morning I returned to the road at 4:00 AM and ran my usual course wearing the Hattori's. My pace today was no faster (actually a bit slower) than my normal pace, despite the fact that the Hattori's are half the weight of my Mirages and almost a third the weight of my GTS-10's. Despite these differences I usually run at about the same speed. Perhaps the huaraches will surprise me.

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