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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Vermont trails beckon, but Long Island has its charms

State Parks on LI
My brother works for a company based in northern Vermont and he is planning to move up there with his family very soon. They have a new place with plenty of room for guests and he reports that the town is "chock full of trails for biking and running." Having been born and raised in New England, I'm envious of his new surroundings. The opportunity to live quietly among the mountains and trees is appealing and I'm sure the culture change will be fun for them.

It's easy to look at a place like Vermont and imagine an idyllic life filled with long runs through mountain trails. The area seems to embody a lifestyle that is both bohemian and active. We've spent some time in Manitou Springs, Colorado and I imagine their new town will be similar. But what about us suburbanite Long Islanders? Are we excluded from this experience? Surprisingly, I don't think that's the case.

I've been running trails for a few years at this point and most of that has been done in the wooded parks of western Long Island. Stillwell Woods, five minutes from my house, may not have views of majestic 14ers or expansive rivers, but you can lose yourself for hours navigating features like the Ewok Forest, the Viper Pit and the "UH OH!" trail.

In fifteen minutes I can drive to parks like Belmont Lake, Bethpage, Sunken Meadow, Caumsett, Cold Spring Harbor, Trailview and Caleb Smith (to name but a few). Each place offers something both unique and special to runners. Long Island isn't New England, but over the years I've come to appreciate many great things about it. But as much as I love my local trails, I also look forward to exploring the running paths in upstate Vermont.  

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