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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Emerging Runner Two-Athlon

Running (top), swimming (bottom), results (middle)

Today's run (street): 4.15 miles at 9:52

Yesterday afternoon the Emerging Runner Family held our first Emerging Runner Duathlon. Or as my kids insist on calling it, a Two-Athlon.  The event pitched parents (The Sunset Swimmers) against kids (The Wave Runners) on a course that included seven laps around a backyard "track" and then three laps across the length of the pool. With temperatures close to 90 degrees the running was hot but the swimming was great. Although we weren't aiming for an Ironman-level challenge, these ten laps weren't as easy as they sound. It was quite an anaerobic workout.

I have no idea of the length of the running course but running at a full sprint in the heat with sharp turns around the pylons was harder than I'd expected. We all stayed within a few seconds of each other in terms of lap times but those seconds added up to make a difference. I'm usually reluctant to jump right in the pool but not during this race. We're all pretty strong swimmers and our times were fairly close on that segment as well. With no handicapping, the Wave Runners took the prize by beating us by a margin of three seconds. It couldn't have been much closer. My son took the overall finisher prize by winning both the running and swimming segments, beating my overall time by 8 seconds. Very humbling. My wife and daughter finished close to us which explains the razor thin margin of victory. So the kids have bragging rights until the next race.

We leave for our trip tomorrow so I thought I'd get one more east coast run in before we head to the Rockies. Just as I prepared to start my run the skies opened up with some much needed rain so I stood in the garage with my daughter and watched it come down. Soon the clouds moved on and I headed out. After a rain the air feels cooler and I enjoyed that for about ten minutes until the humidity came back in force. The heat and moisture in the air didn't make me want to stop running but it definitely affected my speed. I ended up running about 40 minutes and covered a little more than 4 miles. I thought of my friend FS who raced this morning in Central Park and probably experienced both the rain and the humidity over the 10K course. I'm glad I wasn't racing today. I'm going to try to post while I'm away using my iPhone. I hope that works, otherwise I'll be posting a lot of stuff when I return!

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