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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Better late than never

Today's run (street): 3.3 miles

Things are heating up with my new job and I've been a little concerned that my training schedule would suffer. That was the case yesterday. In order to avoid traffic that makes a 45 minute drive take an hour and a half, I've been leaving the house around 6 AM. I used to run on weekdays at 4:00 AM to get in my daily workout, but I'm not looking do that anymore.

I was resigned to the idea of, once again, missing a run. After a stressful morning I stopped feeling resigned and started feeling guilty. Once I had things in order, I decided to hit the road early to avoid traffic. I debated the idea of doing an elliptical workout when I got home, but the weather was perfect. I quickly changed and headed outside.

I'm definitely a morning runner, so going out in the late afternoon felt a little off. I'm sure my 11 miles on Sunday had something to do with that, along with a tiring day at the office. Getting through these miles was easy, but I wasn't particularly fast. I'm clearly behind the curve in terms of performance and I have no expectations of a PR at Brooklyn. I hope to get in another run in before Saturday, even if I have to do it in the afternoon.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ten hours late for my run

I would have preferred AM to PM
Today's run (street): 3.3 miles

As I made my way up the road to start today's workout, I thought about how much I prefer to run in the morning. Too bad it was 5:00 PM and the sun was high in the sky. I had a lot going on today and missed my morning window for running. I had a schedule change right after lunch that opened up some time. I thought about going out for a few miles, but I was concerned about being back home in time for a meeting. I was almost at the point when I'd write off today as a rest day and resume my schedule tomorrow.

Once I finished up at 4:30, I needed to decide whether to run or start work on a new project. I stepped out to the deck and saw that the humidity had dropped since morning. I figured that I could pound out three miles fairly quickly and still make the rest of the afternoon productive. It took a long time to acquire a signal on the Garmin, surprising on such a clear day.

It may have been due to running later in the day, but I was experiencing some soreness in my right quad. I was concerned that if I pushed too hard I could pull a muscle, so I didn't. Not that I have that much horsepower late in the day. Holding back a little helped get me through the route and the time went by quickly. Tomorrow's schedule is more manageable than today's, but I plan to get on the road as early as possible.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Afternoon runs are hard when you're a morning runner

I wish all races started at 10:00 AM
Today's run (street): 5.3 miles

All things being equal, I run much better in the morning than I do later in the day. The numbers don't lie and I have had enough bad afternoon runs to know it's true. I don't know if it relates to biorhythms, psychology, or nutrition (or some combination of the three). In any case, I usually avoid running during the second half of the day. The above chart is an unscientific but fair representation of my performance throughout the day.

I've felt a little off my game this week. Not exactly tired, but not as strong as usual. I skipped my run on Thursday to give myself a day to catch up. Yesterday's run on the treadmill was fine, although I didn't feel as energized after the run as I usually do.

This morning I woke up at 6:45 AM, a full hour later than usual for a Saturday. I clearly needed the sleep and was happy to lose a little time to gain the rest. Due to that, the morning schedule was compressed and I lost my window to run. Other things took priority and it wasn't until after lunch that I finally headed outside.

Today's plan was to go to Bethpage, but I didn't feel like taking the drive over there. I wasn't pleased about my late start and I really wanted to get my run done as quickly as possible. At around 2:00 PM, I finally had my act in gear and started off. My targeted distance was five miles. Normally that would be easy, but I was concerned that the later hour would make it tough.

The weather felt cool, even though the reported temperature was 45 degrees. A very light rain was falling and I considered wearing my running raincoat but I feared overheating. I ended up putting on my Zensah calf compression sleeves for warmth and that was a good call. Plus they have an energizing effect that I'd hoped would help.

In terms of performance, it wasn't the worst five miles I've run on a Saturday. My pace was acceptable but nothing to brag about. For some reason it was really hard to tie together five miles of roads today. The run seemed to take far longer than 52 minutes, but I didn't have any issues with stamina. I occasionally picked up the pace during the run. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to help my overall time.

Running at 2:00 PM wasn't the disaster I'd feared, but I suspect that I would have done better had I gone out earlier as planned. Tomorrow I hope to get to Bethpage and execute on my goal of doing one non-neighborhood run each weekend. Even if I can't for some reason, at least today's later run provided a different expereince. And for runners who train almost daily, a little difference can go a long way.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Will a late day start ruin my race?

I woke up with some calf soreness and I figured it related to yesterday's running in the Hattori's. Although I've been running in low shoes like the Kinvara 3's and my Brooks test shoes, neither pair offer a zero drop experience like the Hattori's. The difference is only 4 mm, but that could be enough to aggravate my calves. After thinking about it more, I've concluded that the soreness actually came from running at speeds I haven't attempted for well over a month.

I'm curious to see how I will do during Wednesday afternoon's race. I can't think of a time when I've run late in the day and thought I'd performed particularly well. I've done all that I can to maximize my readiness, including Saturday's 6 miles and yesterday's intervals. Two days of recovery from my weekend running will get me to Wednesday. Since the race is at 6:00 PM, I'll get another half day's rest. Perhaps that additional recovery time will counter-balance the performance hit that I expect to take from that late day start.

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