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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Soreness is gone, so back to the road

Today's run (street): 3.3 miles

It's fall and today's weather acted appropriately, with sun, minimal humidity and cool air. I went out early and the temperature on my phone app said 50°. I wore my vividly orange long sleeve running shirt with shorts and was very comfortable throughout the run. Conditions make all the difference.

Today was my first run since Cow Harbor. The race and Sunday's lift-and-carry workout put my legs into tough shape and I carried that soreness all day on Monday. I'd worn my Zensah compression calf sleeves on the prior two days, in hopes of reducing the level of lactic acid that was making my leg muscles feel stiff and uncomfortable. Last night, as I headed upstairs, I noted that my legs were still very much in need of recovery time.

When I took my first few steps onto the road today, I was pleased to note that my stride felt good. Not perfect, but certainly better than I'd expected. I must have benefited from a good night's sleep. I didn't push hard but I made sure that I kept my pace within the acceptable range (and faster than my Cow Harbor pace). As I progressed, I noticed more muscle stiffness, but that didn't slow me down much.

I ended up happy with the run and appreciated returning home without feeling like I was drenched in sweat. If the temperature and humidity remain low, I hope to bring my intensity up a notch and take advantage of higher performance relative to heart rate. I know I need to increase my cadence if I'm going to make improvements in my pacing. I wish I knew the best approach for doing that.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another windy day run

Today's run (street): 4.4 miles

Any hopes I had for calm conditions this morning were dashed when I looked outside to see the lid of a trash can go skittering by the house. The blowing air was chilly, but at least the sun was out. The winds weren't as strong as they were on Saturday, but they were still substantial. I headed off prepared to face another windy challenge.

When the wind wasn't blowing I actually felt comfortable. I wore a light jersey under a heavier quarter zip along with my favorite track pants that were insulated with my Zensah calf sleeves. I also wore my Grid Tangents that I like as much as the Mirages, if not more.

It was my last run of this vacation and I hoped to end it on a high note. I had great energy from the start, even when managing inclines with the wind at my face. Near the end I encountered a jolting crosswind that made me feel like it was 15 degrees outside, but happily realized that the wind would be to my back for the rest of my route.

I finished today's run feeling like I could have gone a few more miles without much trouble. I'd pushed my pace when I could to make up for the resistance from headwinds. I was pleased with my mid-9:00 overall pace and I'm happy to report that I hit a total of 25 miles for the week. It's back to work tomorrow and the challenge of covering that many miles will be greater next week. I really need to maintain my plan for distance runs on the weekends.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Running in a (pre) winter wonderland

Frost on the pumpkins, snow on the lawn
Today's run (street) 4.2 miles

Yesterday was a long day for us. We were at a friend's family event for most of the day and by 10:00 PM we were ready for bed. I hoped to sleep until 5:30 or 6:00, which would be late for me, but at 4:30 AM I was wide awake. Try as I might, I couldn't fall back to sleep so I got up. I made some coffee and considered my workout.

I know that I'm not at my best right now and I'm beginning to think it's the flu shot that's contributing to my stamina issues. It's obviously not exhaustion since I only managed to stay asleep for six hours last night. I decided I'd go out for a neighborhood run, targeting the same distance than I'd covered over the last two days.

The lawns in my neighborhood were lightly covered with snow, but the roads were clear when I made my way outside. The reported temperature was 35° but with the wind it felt much colder. I wore compression shorts under my C9 running pants and added my Zensah compression sleeves over my calves. On top I wore a C9 half-zip layered with a short sleeve running shirt. I also wore a fleece hat and running gloves. Together it made for a comfortable outfit that kept me warm at the start but didn't overheat me when I got up to speed.

I took it easy in deference to my current situation and ran comfortably around the neighborhood. I was both surprised and annoyed to see more than one house watering their snow-covered lawn. I wondered if they forgot to turn off their sprinkler systems or if they were truly stupid. Aside from that I thought the neighborhood, covered in snow, looked very beautiful.

I planned a route that would cover a little more than three miles, but when I reached the point where I'd turn onto the last road, I decided to keep going straight and added another mile for good measure. I ended up running a little faster than I wanted to, but I'd still call it an easy pace. Considering that I'm not at my best right now, I'm happy with the last two runs I've done.

My next race, the Hope for the Warriors 10K, will happen in two weeks. I'll follow that with the Long Beach 10K Turkey Trot a week later. I hope to be back at full strength by next Saturday so I can break out of my 3-4 mile malaise and prepare for a longer race distance.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The dreaded Day 2

Aleve and compression are good for the sole(us)
I should have known that Sunday's hard running would eventually catch up with me. Usually I'm fine the day after a vigorous workout but then I pay for it on the second day. I'd fooled myself into thinking that running in the Hattori's had sufficiently built up my gastrocnemius and soleus muscles but by early evening my calves were screaming. Perhaps bleating would be a better word. Yesterday's semi-tough trail run probably contributed to that as well.

I took an Aleve before heading up to bed and wore my Zensah compression sleeves overnight. I had previously verified that it was okay to do that. This morning my lower legs still felt like they were fused to my ankles and making my way down the stairs required a tight hold of the banister. After an hour my muscles had loosened up. They were feeling far better by the time I made my train.

I've got a couple of errands to run around lunch today so I'll have a chance to shake out the residual stiffness as I cover the streets of the city. I'm really hoping that things return to normal in time for my morning run.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Spandex as an energy source

Zensah product shot
Yesterday's workout (elliptical): 25 minutes

I've completed my training for Sunday's race and now my challenge is holding back on activity until that event. I considered running this morning because I'm not convinced that two day's rest provides any measurable advantage over just resting the day before. Still, I decided to stick with the taper plan. I've spent the last two weeks focusing on low intensity running and I don't think I've broken 9:10 on any run since mid-October. What I have done since September's Cow Harbor race is increase my base and I'm hoping that will make a difference this weekend.

Yesterday I returned to City Sports and bought a pair of Zensah calf/shin sleeves. This compression stuff isn't cheap but compared with other brands like Zoot and CEP, the Zensah gear was more affordable. But $40 for stretchy leg warmers isn't exactly what I'd call a bargain. These compression sleeves, made with spandex and nylon, are far more than that and I wore them for about five hours yesterday. I made my decision to buy the Zensah sleeves after talking to the sales person who was surprisingly knowledgeable about these products and their benefits, although she kept pronouncing lactic acid as "lasic acid." I was tempted to buy full compression socks because  the foot wrap apparently helps flush lactic (or lasic) acid from the tendons in the foot. The cost just seemed too high and I tend to like the socks that I already own.

Last night, after I'd taken off the calf sleeves, my legs felt restless, or energetic, depending on how you look at it. I plan to wear these sleeves under my Nike compression pants during the race. I know the unwritten rule is never to race with gear that you haven't previously used but I'm willing to take the chance. Restless or energetic legs are far better than the alternative.

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