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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For the record

I'm thinking of challenging my distance record today, going for 7 miles which would be .37 miles longer than I've ever run at one time. In order to do this within my neighborhood I'll either need to spread over to neighborhood #3 or figure out a way of covering that distance within the more contiguous areas of my neighborhood or the adjacent neighborhood #2. It's interesting to note that since I've been running distances in the five and six mile range I've had trouble finding routes that don't repeat. Crossing into the 3rd neighborhood would make that a no brainer because, in terms of area, the neighborhood is as large as mine. The gating factor is getting to neighborhood #3 would involve a road that has fast moving traffic. There is a traffic light but still it worries me that drivers are paying enough attention in an area where they don't expect foot traffic. There are a number of other close but unexplored areas where I could run but they are separated by roads that also have no provision for foot traffic. I do have the option of running the bike trail at Bethpage State Park where I can run over a dozen miles out and then back.

I decided this morning to forgo an early day's run in order to give my legs a little recovery time. Since Friday afternoon I've run over 22 miles and although I feel great, that's almost 40% more daily distance than I usually run. Another LI runner who I interact with often on the Runners World Loop noted that yesterday's pre-run icing was inadvisable because that works against flexibility and can hurt my performance. I still have a lot to learn. I've just done some light stretching today and I'll likely go out before dinner to challenge my record.

Adventure Girl is running the 15 mile Shawangunk Solstice run tonight at 6:30 in New Paltz. I've seen pictures (see above) and it looks beautiful. I hope she has good weather, as do I, for my planned late afternoon run. It's been cloudy and rainy on and off today. Come to think of it that's pretty much perfect running weather.

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