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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

All dressed up but no where to run

Today's run (street): 3.2 miles

I finally made it to Bethpage State Park this morning but it turned out to be a wasted trip. I had hopes of purchasing an Empire Passport and using it for the first time while I ran a section of the Bethpage bike trail. I knew my bike path run was in jeopardy after I saw that trail access was blocked just south of its intersection with the main road. I decided to continue on, thinking that I could still buy the Passport and possibly run the wooded trails if they were clear. After a quick look I realized that those trails had too much snow cover to provide a stable surface for my Kinvaras. There was no one working the toll station so I continued to the trail head and saw that the entrance was blocked by a gate. Even if the bike path wasn't gated I could see that it would be impossible to run the trail because it was covered with a thick layer of ice.

I returned home and did today's run in my neighborhood. We had plans mid-morning so I needed to keep it short. That ended up to be a good thing because I felt tired throughout the run and my fatigue intensified as I went on. Despite my lowering energy level I kept my pace brisk and that resulted in a difficult last mile. At the end I felt like I'd run a 5K race and noted that my pace was over 40 seconds per miles faster than yesterday's run.

A great addition to the Emerging Runner family
Hoping for better results with a better brand
This afternoon I picked up a pair of New Balance compression shorts to replace a pair of Layer 8's that ripped all along the waistband after a wash. My wife bought a pair of of ASICS GEL-2160's to replace her Saucony Fusion 2's that she'd run in over the last year. I was happy with her choice of the 2160's and I hope she is too. I'm looking forward to trying my new gear out tomorrow even though, with all this ice and snow,  I'll need to stay local for my run.

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