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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fitness as a common language

Running and training provide benefits beyond physical fitness. I have discovered that many people in my life are runners, lapsed runners, dedicated walkers, cyclists or are just generally active. I have learned a great deal about nutrition, technique, training gear and even how to set expectations for progress through conversations with friends, co-workers and business colleagues. People have been universally helpful and encouraging about my efforts. I suspect a few people, after these discussions, are thinking more about their own training and fitness programs.

In addition I greatly enjoy training because it's an activity that I can share with my family. My wife and I frequently compare notes on our daily progress. We reinforce each other's dedication to training, help each other maintain a healthy diet and we often exercise together on weekends. My nine year old son has been running with me, first just around the neighborhood but today we went to the local High School and ran laps around the track. He did great and he wants to go back tomorrow. I like the track as well because it allows me to run outside (which I prefer) but it's much more cushioned than pavement. I'd like to try a regular run on the track and aim for a personal best for distance.

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