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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Indecision is a runner's prerogative

Hook Half race course
Today's workout (elliptical): 25 minutes

In the business world I need to be decisive. There is constant change in media technology and my colleagues and I work to adapt as quickly as the business requires. As a runner I don't need to be decisive. I can spend months considering a new running shoe before I buy it. When I'm out on the trails I usually decide my route as I go along. There's no penalty for choosing the wrong path since I'm likely to get lost no matter which trail I pick. My current case of runner's indecision centers on choosing my first half marathon. Which one to run? My poll is favoring the Brooklyn Half and that was my personal choice but registration has closed so I'm locked out.

There's the George Wodicka Hook Half Marathon in Congers, NY (Rockland County) that routes along the Hudson and is supposed to be a beautiful course. The race has two negatives though: it's a long drive to get to the race and part of the course goes up and down Hook mountain, highest spot in Rockland County. People I know who have run this race talk about the run up Hook the way I talk about Widow Hill on the Great Cow Harbor course. I shouldn't admit it but 13.1 miles plus a mountain climb scares me a little. The simplest choice is the RXR LI Half Marathon. It's close by, and I have some friends who are also planning to run it. Plus, the race date is May 2nd which would give me a few extra weeks to train.

I'm going to give it some more thought and then decide. Or maybe I'll just keep thinking about it.

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