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Friday, February 15, 2013

Goodbye office, hello treadmill

See ya
Wednesday's run (treadmill): 2.4 miles
Friday's run (treadmill): 3.25 miles

Although I have been only intermittently engaged with my company in the last two weeks, I was still going in the office a few days to finish up business. Yesterday was the culmination of that. I boxed up my personal items and bubble wrapped the artwork that had hung on the walls of the ten offices I've occupied since joining the company in 1992. It wasn't a dramatic exit, much more, "See ya soon" than "goodbye." But, a day later, I'm already missing my co-workers.

The night before I was graciously treated to dinner by some industry friends who took me to an excellent and very trendy restaurant not far from my office. It had already been a long day by the time I met up with them. The conversation flowed and the evening went long. I didn't get home until nearly midnight. I had to to go into the office early on Thursday morning, so I skipped my workout to allow me to sleep an extra hour.

Wednesday morning I got up at 4:30 AM and did a treadmill run. I knew the day would be long and that I'd be covering a number of sections of the city on foot. That said, I still wanted to get in a workout. I don't remember much about Wednesday's treadmill run except that I had trouble maintaining an aggressive pace. I did manage to get to targeted speed in the final few minutes, but it wasn't a high performance run.

This morning my wife and I had to run an early morning errand and when we returned home, I headed upstairs for a treadmill run. I'm only a week away from the Snowball race so I didn't hesitate to set a fast pace from the start. I was running in my optimal time window and that helped me sustain speeds that were a little too tough on Wednesday morning. I increased the pace until I'd reached my initial heart rate target.

It's funny how runs can vary from day to day. Today everything went smoothly and I was pleased with my performance. It would be great to get to Bethpage this weekend to take advantage of all the hills. You'd think that in 2013, technology would allow me to know if the gates to Bethpage State Park are open before I drive all the way over there. I suppose the best way to confirm that is to use a technology that was invented in 1876, the telephone, and call the park's maintenance office.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Doubling my work day mileage

Last night my division did an office shuffle to better consolidate functional groups. Before this move I was situated, at best, a few offices away from some of my team. Most other staff were scattered in different locations around the floor. It wasn't a bad situation because I didn't mind walking around to see people. I had a great view of 6th Ave, and through a lucky break, my office was equipped with two sets of shelves and two closets. My new view is far less appealing than the old, but I can still see 6th from certain angles.

This new location does put me closer to staff, although I still have people sitting in other parts of the floor. I noticed this morning that it now takes me twice as long to walk to the pantry for coffee. Since I'm literally in the last office along the corridor, it will mean lots more walking in general. So the upside to all this is that I'll end up covering twice as much ground during the day as I did pre-move. That works for me!

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