Friday, February 10, 2012

Doubling my work day mileage

Last night my division did an office shuffle to better consolidate functional groups. Before this move I was situated, at best, a few offices away from some of my team. Most other staff were scattered in different locations around the floor. It wasn't a bad situation because I didn't mind walking around to see people. I had a great view of 6th Ave, and through a lucky break, my office was equipped with two sets of shelves and two closets. My new view is far less appealing than the old, but I can still see 6th from certain angles.

This new location does put me closer to staff, although I still have people sitting in other parts of the floor. I noticed this morning that it now takes me twice as long to walk to the pantry for coffee. Since I'm literally in the last office along the corridor, it will mean lots more walking in general. So the upside to all this is that I'll end up covering twice as much ground during the day as I did pre-move. That works for me!

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