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Friday, April 17, 2015

Buzzing, banging and recovering

This won't hurt a bit
My longstanding soreness has taken a turn for the better lately. For a while, the pain accompanied me on every step I took. I felt stiff and unbalanced when I walked, especially after my 90 minute commutes to my office. When I did try to run, I'd feel acute pain in my hamstring. I haven't run since I tripped and nearly fell a couple of weeks ago. Extended rest has always led to healing for me and that may be true in this case.

I started my day with an MRI. With all this progress toward recovery, I questioned whether I needed it. That thinking was quickly corrected while I changed for the scan, I twisted my leg slightly in the process and felt a surprisingly sharp pain. I'm not out of the woods by any means.

I've been through a couple of MRI's and knew what to expect. Although I had to stay completely still for 45 minutes while a large white appliance buzzed and banged inches from my face, it wasn't too bad. It may have have been the noise, but I developed a sizable headache by the end. I took care of that with ibuprofen, but I remained a little dizzy and tired throughout the day.

Tomorrow I plan to join the Runsketeers in progress as they take on five or six miles along the Bethpage trail. On the advice of my doctor, I'm limiting my distance to about three miles and will try to avoid hills. It's impossible to miss them on this trail so I'll do what I can. It's been months since we've all got together and that's the important thing about this workout. I won't be able to keep up with  my friends on the path, but I'll match them cup for cup at Starbucks later on.

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