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Friday, September 16, 2016

Cool weather returns but so does traffic

Today's route
Today's run (street): 3.25 miles
Sunday's run (street): 4.4 miles 

The weekend is here and I'm very glad about that. Since the school year started, my commute has gone from easy and breezy to not easy and not at all breezy. It takes me approximately twice as long to get to and from my office now than it did the last week in August. Working from home on Fridays makes the prior four day's driving more tolerable. No commuting means I can get in a run before my workday begins.

It was 54° when I got outside at 7:30 AM. The air felt cool but not uncomfortable. I wore the runner's mullet: a long sleeve shirt with shorts, that were perfect for the conditions. I'm getting used to feeling good from the start of my run after a year or so of struggling during the first few minutes. I ascribe this change to weight loss that has come mostly from consuming less sugar. My weight loss hasn't been dramatic, but it's been enough to make a difference in my running experience.

I ran my usual Friday morning loop. Due to the hour, I spent a lot of time running on the sidewalk to avoid maniac parents dropping off their children at the elementary and middle schools. The aggressive driving, speeding and ignorance of stop signs kept me off the road. Running on sidewalks is not my preference, but it's the place to be on mornings like this.

I felt I was running well and my numbers showed it. I paced 8.7% quicker than my current average and I felt like I got around my slightly modified course sooner than I expected. That said, I wasn't particularly fast compared to how I ran a couple of years ago. I'm loving this cooler weather and I'm looking forward to my weekend runs. Tomorrow morning's schedule is tight and I'm hoping to get out early enough to get in some miles before 8:00 AM. Otherwise I'll need to do a rare afternoon run.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

20th anniversary run and fun

Getting the scoop (or the schmear) at Bagel Boss
Today's run (street): 3.5 miles

I took the day off from work today because it was my 20th anniversary. Besides enjoying the luxury of sleeping until 5:30 AM and not driving 35 miles and back today, I got in a nice morning run. The weather is currently monsoon-like, but just before 8:00 AM it was cool and overcast with nary a drop of humidity. I like to start my weekday runs at 8:00 because that gives me about 40 minutes between the caravan of high school and middle school buses and the secondary wave of elementary school buses and kid drop-offs.

The buses don't bother me that much because I can hear or see them coming at a safe distance. I always hop onto the sidewalk in those cases. Parents dropping off their kids are a different story. They're typically aggressive speeders who don't even pretend to slow down for stop signs. I stay hyper aware at all times.

This morning I saw a car that was going at least 10 MPH faster than the speed limit almost collide with a car coming around a blind corner from the opposite direction. Besides that, I ran past a house as a car started backing out of the driveway without looking. I anticipated that and she heard my yell loudly and clearly.

The rest of the day was spent doing various anniversary-like things, including having lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant and going to Home Dept twice. We also walked into a location shoot that the local news station was broadcasting from a neighborhood shopping center. I have no idea what they were talking about, but it appeared to be bagel-related.

Tomorrow it's back to work, which doesn't seem fair as today felt so much like a Friday. Still, I did get in my run and I'm looking to do the same on Friday morning. We have family staying part of the weekend so I have to remember to grab my Saturday running gear out of the guest room before they arrive.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chia powered run pays off

Don't know if it helped, but it didn't hurt
Today's run (street): 5.1 miles

I went into the weekend thinking I'd do at least one run away from home. Unfortunately,  I never managed to travel beyond my neighborhood. At least today I was able get out of the house. Yesterday's five miles on the treadmill was a better experience than I'd hoped for, but I just couldn't face the treadmill again today.

The weather reports keep describing today's conditions as gloomy, with low dark clouds and occasional drizzle. I suppose if I were attending a lawn party I'd wish for brighter skies, but as a runner, I was pretty pleased when I stepped outside. I detected a few drops when I started, but it never actually rained. I wanted to cover five miles or fifty minutes, whichever came first.

While I was getting changed for my run, I noticed that my Garmin FR210 was out of charge. I grabbed the FR60 to use as a stopwatch, since the foot pad hasn't had batteries since I switched to the GPS-enabled 210 in May of last year. I generally average 9:30 miles on these weekend runs so I used time as an indicator of distance.

Prior to starting, I consumed a small packet of chia seeds that FS gave me from her NYC Marathon package. My experimentation with chia has been inconclusive, but I figured, "what the heck." I mixed the seeds with a small amount of water that went down much better than the Chia Surge gel I'd tried months before. I think it actually provided some useful energy.

My run went well. There was some wind that made the 46° weather seem much colder, but I wore two layers on top that provided adequate warmth. I didn't know how much distance I'd covered, but I had a good idea based on the time I'd run.

It seems like my encounters with bad drivers always seem to happen during the final minutes of my run and today was no different. As I was making my way to the last long street I saw an SUV coming from the other direction. I guessed correctly that the driver would turn right in front of me (no signal of course) so I paused while waving my hands to get her to see me. I yelled, "You're supposed to stop for pedestrians!" as she passed by. Maybe I need to invest in an air horn.

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