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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Knight sighting on my run

This jacket is actually neon bright
Today's run (street): 5.25 miles

While it wasn't a great week for running volume, I was glad to get a couple of decent runs in over the weekend. Yesterday's treadmill workout was the right way to go. For some reason, the running experience on our Life Fitness machine is much better than on our old Sole F63. Today I had the opportunity to get outside and was rewarded with perfect weather conditions.

Rain wasn't expected but the skies were low and cloudy with 55° temperatures and a 9 MPH wind. That was a chilly combination, so I decided to wear my new running windbreaker. Its high visibility orange color would stand out on a dark morning. I was concerned that the jacket's lack of venting would build up heat as I progressed through the run. I managed to stay comfortable by opening up the front zipper and letting in wind-cooled air.

I wanted to cover at least five miles today and that meant running on almost every street in the neighborhood. Not much to report, although I did encounter some guys dressed like Templar knights running around inside a small park with an un-costumed guy following them. I assumed they were filming their own sequel to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I was tempted to stop and take a picture, but I was moving along well and didn't want to stop.

I received my replacement charging clip for my Garmin F210 this week and was able charge my watch without having to precisely position rubber bands to attach the broken unit to the watch. As I mentioned yesterday, my work schedule is getting a bit tighter. I'm committed to getting back to at least four workouts a week and will need to do one or two before my work day -- or after. Easier said than done.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A vacation from running

As much as it pains me to admit it, I haven't been able to defeat my cold. It could be because all weekend we have been constantly running around, being social (not a strength of mine) and keeping different hours. Yesterday's hard run didn't help my leg problem and I seriously considered playing the sick, tired and injured card in favor of a rest day.

I got up early (I rarely sleep well in hotels) and my wife was already preparing to head to the fitness center. I decided to wait until she returned and see how I felt. I figured an easy run might be doable so I changed into workout clothes and headed down when she came back.

The gym was empty when I arrived so I took a minute to try one of the Life Fitness elliptical units. I was interested in seeing the difference between this high end machine and the one I have at home. The feel of the Life Fitness unit was different in terms of petal and arm positions, not necessarily better, but it was a nice change. The built in TV was nice too and the display provided not only speed but pace. Though my BH Fitness machine lacks a pace reading (only speed) it does show energy expenditure as watts. I was surprised to see that the LF machine didn't have that feature.

I ended up spending 28 minutes at medium high resistance on the elliptical. It was a good choice over the treadmill as my leg pain has been minimal today even with that exercise. As for my cold, it's there, but no worse than before. We'll be back to LI later today and if I'm up for it I may just try an outdoor run.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Exhausted Runner

We're staying at a hotel this weekend and it's raining outside so my Saturday run was accomplished indoors. The hotel has Life Fitness treadmills and I was impressed that the speed on the treadmill's display almost exactly matched the readout on my Garmin 50. To my left and right were a couple of women doing workouts and updating each other with facts like, "I just ran up a 70 foot hill!" I felt bad when I hit the speed button to get to my 7 MPH pace because the noise level interrupted their communication.

The treadmill's display had multiple ways to view progress and I chose the "trail" view that showed a 5K course with markers in 1K increments. It wasn't virtual reality but it was a good distraction. The fitness center was really hot so I was sweating very early in the run. I was tired at the one mile point and it got worse as I went on. I kept a moderately fast pace and ended up running 3 miles at 8:54/mile.

After the run I was very tired, much more than after yesterday's run. The heat had much to do with that. I'm a little concerned about running in the warmer weather as we move from spring to summer. At the very least I'll need ensure that I pre-hydrate before longer runs.

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