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Friday, January 13, 2012

A superstitious run

Today's run (street): 2.5 miles

Ha! You don't scare me
Happy Friday the 13th! It's easy to laugh at superstitions but we all have them. Personally, I'm fine with it being the 13th because I've had some nice things happen on this date.

That said, I thought my luck had run out a few minutes into this morning's run. Although the news station said the temperatures were in the high 40's it felt chilly when I stepped outside. I could even see vapor when I breathed. That didn't matter because I was dressed for cold. I set out feeling energized and stepped up the pace when I realized I could sustain a harder effort. About a half mile in, I felt some drops of rain that soon became a steady downpour. I strongly considered heading back home to finish on the treadmill.

The winds were also strong and the combination of wind, cold and rain was unpleasant. I decided to press on as long as I could see (with glasses, that can be an issue) and continued to run fairly hard. I was disappointed that the weather might interrupt what was turning out to be a strong run, but after a mile the rain reverted to a drizzle.

I was surprised by how fast I could run without feeling the lactic acid burn that I always associate with a harder effort. Some days, for no reason, a run turns out to be a slog and you do what you must to get through it. Maybe it was the luck of Friday the 13th that helped me today, but I finished as strong as I started, with my fastest overall pace in memory. So much for superstition.

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