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Friday, June 29, 2012

Central Park Fun Run

Fun Run start and finish spot
Yesterday's run (Central Park Fun Run): 1.6 miles

Yesterday afternoon my company's division held its summer holiday picnic in Central Park. I work with great people and it's a pleasure to spend time with them. The picnic is usually a low key affair and this year was no different. We order sandwiches, walk together to Central Park and settle in at a predetermined spot. The activities are optional, some play Frisbee or pickup football games and others enjoy relaxing in the shade. This year we brought back our "Fun Run/Walk" that we last did in 2009.

We had over twenty signed up for the run but (unfortunately) a few people needed to remain at the office resolving some business issues. This event was non-competitive and we took off together at a manageable pace. Our course followed the lower loop of the Park in a clockwise direction. Most cyclists and runners go counter-clockwise, but I wanted to start us off going downhill (and also wanted to avoid finishing uphill).

1.6 miles goes by fairly quickly, but the distance was perfect considering the heat and humidity. It is always fun to run with a group, especially this one. Before I knew it, we'd reached the top of the Mall and followed the path back to our starting point. A couple of people put down the hammer for the final third of a mile, but I was content to maintain my mid-9:00 pace until the end.

I'd brought Wet Ones wipes for people to "towel down" after they'd finished and I was glad that I did. We watched the rest of our colleagues come in, the runners and then the walkers. When all were accounted for we crossed the road and joined our division colleagues at the picnic spot. It was a perfect way to detach from the business and generate a little sweat, not far from the office. I wish we could do this every week!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Indoors at the outdoor stores

 Today's workout (elliptical): 40 minutes

Today was a busy day that included visits to two of my favorite stores: EMS and REI. I was hoping to find some after-Christmas bargains in running and outdoor wear, but I wasn't compelled to buy. I did get a lightweight reflective vest to replace the tattered one that I've been using. The vest that I'd bought a few months ago at Paragon is a little too bulky for running, but I'm sure it will come in handy for some other use.

My wife picked up a very nice Mountain Hardware sweater at REI at a great price. I also bought three GU gels that were on sale for $0.79 -- Peppermint Stick, Peanut Butter and Mandarin Orange. I hope those flavors taste as good as they sound when put to actual use.

I've decided I will participate in Sunday's LIRRC Hangover fun run. It's a five mile course on the grounds of Eisenhower Park, with no tracking chips. It could be fun to run a "race" without the pressure of the clock. I believe that the race is timed for those who want to know how they did, but no results are posted.

I did 40 minutes on the elliptical machine this morning and set the resistance higher than I usually do. It was a nice low impact workout that still generated quite a sweat. I'll go out for a few miles tomorrow to celebrate another great year of running. On Sunday the 2012 odometer will start!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday fun running

After a fairly challenging trail run on Sunday morning I thought I was finished with running for the day. The skies were gray and growing darker. I considered taking out my bike for a quick ride before the rain came but my daughter asked me if we could go for a run. She just got a new pair of Saucony running shoes and wanted to try them out. Despite the possibilty of rain we decided to head out and see how it went. My son said that he wanted to join us. Once eveyone had put on the proper gear we headed into the neighborhood starting at a comfortable pace. I'm trying to get my kids to understand the idea of conserving energy. Children tend to go out fast and then run out of energy sooner than they expect. We didn't get too far before my son had to stop to adjust his shoe. He had a nasty toe injury some months back and it's still a problem. The podiatrist put him on antibiotics this week to help deal with the swelling from an infection. It soon became clear that my son would not be able to continue so we ran him back home and resumed our course.

When it comes to running my daughter is very goal oriented. She was determined to cover at least .75 miles before taking a breather and we did that without a problem. She wanted to cover some real distance and we took a long loop around the western part of the neighborhood and made our way back after running close to two miles. It is a joy to run with my daughter. She has no problem running and talking and the conversation is fun and funny. She's 11 and I really hope she continues her interest in running. The weather held out for us and we even had enough sun to justify a post-run dip in the pool. I'm hoping my son is back to form soon as well so the three of us can explore the neighborhood together, going further and further each time.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A run most fun

Today was so busy that I haven't had a chance to post. Part of this is due to our summer outing, a picnic in Central Park that tied me up a good part of the day. The picnic itself was nice but the best part was being "race director" for our division's Fun Run/Walk.

Race director implies it was a race and I was very clear that it was strictly non-competitive (although I ended up breaking my own rule by starting out at a virtual sprint). We had a large field of participants at our starting point at the south end of the Mall in Central Park. Our course was 1.5 miles around most of the park's lower loop.

Our starter organized us well and I had the walkers leave five minutes before the runners to help everyone finish a little more closely together. With the call of the start we were off with three of us pulling out ahead. I took off very fast but AG caught up with me quickly. The rumor was that AG and I would battle for the finish and though we did end up leading the pack most of the way we were challenged by a colleague, MK, who came up fast from behind. MK stayed with us for the rest of the run and at the one mile mark the volunteer at the water/timing station announced that our split time was in the high 7:00's.

We brought it in at close to an 8:00 pace overall and the three leads finished together so there was no winner. In truth AG and MK could have finished ahead of me but they were courteous and didn't leave me behind at the end. My ego thanked them. We had some good showings with a few non-runner's who ran and finished impressively. Afterward we joined the larger group at the picnic where we handed out finisher medallions and trophies to people for "best form", best outfit, etc.

It was a great experience putting this together and the participants seemed to enjoy it a lot. Perhaps the Emerging Runner 5K isn't such a bad idea after all.

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