Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday fun running

After a fairly challenging trail run on Sunday morning I thought I was finished with running for the day. The skies were gray and growing darker. I considered taking out my bike for a quick ride before the rain came but my daughter asked me if we could go for a run. She just got a new pair of Saucony running shoes and wanted to try them out. Despite the possibilty of rain we decided to head out and see how it went. My son said that he wanted to join us. Once eveyone had put on the proper gear we headed into the neighborhood starting at a comfortable pace. I'm trying to get my kids to understand the idea of conserving energy. Children tend to go out fast and then run out of energy sooner than they expect. We didn't get too far before my son had to stop to adjust his shoe. He had a nasty toe injury some months back and it's still a problem. The podiatrist put him on antibiotics this week to help deal with the swelling from an infection. It soon became clear that my son would not be able to continue so we ran him back home and resumed our course.

When it comes to running my daughter is very goal oriented. She was determined to cover at least .75 miles before taking a breather and we did that without a problem. She wanted to cover some real distance and we took a long loop around the western part of the neighborhood and made our way back after running close to two miles. It is a joy to run with my daughter. She has no problem running and talking and the conversation is fun and funny. She's 11 and I really hope she continues her interest in running. The weather held out for us and we even had enough sun to justify a post-run dip in the pool. I'm hoping my son is back to form soon as well so the three of us can explore the neighborhood together, going further and further each time.

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