Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cool running

Unlike the last couple of days, the temperature outside at 4:00 AM this morning was cool and the humidity was minimal. I almost decided to take today as a rest day but I'm planning a long trail run on Saturday and wanted to use Friday for rest instead. I decided to go simple this morning and leave the iPhone behind. My experiences with the GPS apps have been disappointing and while I'll continue to use them I didn't see a need today.

Equipped solely with my Garmin 50, I made my way out to the neighborhood. Over the past few months I've become impatient with my progress while running, feeling like I'd covered some real distance only to see elapsed time of 7:55 on my watch. You'd think it would indicate that I was running a fast pace but you'd be wrong. I think the issue is simply that I'm outgrowing my neighborhood and the familiarity of the route distorts my sense of distance. Or something like that. I returned home wishing I had another 15 minutes to run so I could extend the enjoyment of the experience. I was feeling fine, the air was still cool and there was a nice tang of ocean breeze in the air. Unfortunately I had run out of time and needed to make my way back upstairs to prepare for the work day. This was the first time I'd ever strung together three consecutive 4:00 AM runs during the week and I was pleased to have done that. I can only hope that I do as well on the trails this weekend.

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