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Sunday, June 24, 2012

This may be my all-time PwDR*

A high mileage vacation week
Today's run (street): 3.25 miles

* Personal (weekly) Distance Record

I finished this vacation week with a short run that felt much harder than I expected it would be. Even with all the activities we've done over the last seven days, I've managed to cover 28 miles. Including my Central Park run on the 15th, I've run over 40 miles since my vacation started. I haven't done many long runs over these past ten days, but the frequency has been high, with only one rest day since the 14th.

Today's run started well. I took some different streets and enjoyed the sunny skies while I took in the sights of  my neighborhood. There were lots of walkers today and I counted at four other runners on the road. I'm not sure why, but the last mile took a lot more effort than the first two. I think the humidity just wore me down.

Surprisingly, I don't know the maximum number of miles I'd previously covered in a week, but I would guess it was about 25. I targeted 3 miles today but really hoped I'd feel strong enough to cover five and get to 30 miles for the week. I'm not sure why, but I just didn't have the energy so I stayed with my original plan. I was pretty beat when I finished, but happy with my weekly total.

Back to the office tomorrow, which means a return to 4:00 AM runs and shorter distances. Perhaps next Saturday I can get in another long base run and extend my streak of 80+ mile months to four.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Personal distance record on today's base run

A Personal Distance Record on the Bethpage trail
Today's run (Bethpage State Park): 11.2 miles

For the second weekend in a row I've followed a dissatisfying trail run on Saturday with a great distance run on Sunday. Rather than over-analyze this, I'll just assume it had more to do with the time of day that I did these four runs (good runs: early, bad runs: afternoon). With a half marathon coming up in six weeks I'd been working on building up my base with 8.25 mile runs over the past couple of weekends and a personal distance record of 11.2 miles this morning.

I began today's run at Bethpage State Park at 8:00 AM and I ran well, feeling much better than I did yesterday. The winds were coming from the north and the first half of my out-and-back run was in a southern direction, so I had a little extra help at times. Unfortunately much of the second half included chilly head-on winds that made the tough hills even tougher.  But with all runs you take the good with the bad. I just wish I could take the bad first and experience only the good at the end.

There were many people on the trail today; walkers, cyclists and runners in about even numbers. Lots of friendly hellos too. Of all my running venues, Bethpage definitely has the happiest people. I was only passed by a couple of people along my route. One was a boy no older than 18 who ran past me at a pace that I can only sustain for about 200 meters on a track. After my turnaround in Masspequa Preserve he passed me the other way, his speed undiminished even though he had run at least seven miles by then.  Unbelievably, this young man passed me in the other direction when I was about three miles to my finish, meaning that he was still charging hard after 11 miles. For the record, I also passed some runners today!

I was glad that I brought along my Amphipod hand bottle, that I filled with Gatorade G2. After mile four I began taking sips every half mile. I believe that was the key to getting past some tough periods, especially at mile 10 when the risk of a bonk was very real. But there was no stopping and no slowing down and I finished my distance in 1:46:34, or 9:31 per mile. That's a realistic target for race day, which means I'll need to finish the LI Half under 2:05. I think I'll fold speed work into next week's runs and while I'll target at least one long run, I'm not sure I'll need to run 11 miles again. But I just might.

Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 run summary

812 miles (average 67.7 miles per month)

Today's run (street): 4.3 miles

After looking back on 2010's running record I am satisfied with my performance this year. Even though things started slow (pneumonia limited January's mileage to 22% of my monthly average) I still managed to cover over 800 running miles, plus numerous elliptical miles. The histogram above reflects a greater focus on distance starting in August when I was training for the Dirty Sock and Great Cow Harbor 10K's. Despite the rough start I did improve over 2009 in the following areas:

  • Average distance per run  (+ .48 miles)
  • Longest distance run (+ 1.7 miles)
  • Average speed per run (+ .2 MPH)
  • Average run cadence (+ 2 steps per minute)
  • Median distance per run (.45 miles)

I also attained personal bests for a 10K and longest distance covered in a single run (also single day). I'll be posting my 2011 running goals soon and also report on how I did against my 2010 goals.

This morning I went out for my final run of 2010. The temperatures have been rising over the past week and it was about 34 degrees when I stepped outside. I wore the Kinvaras that felt much better than the Karhu's that I ran in yesterday. The better feel of my running shoes combined with the crisp late December air provided an energetic start. I ran an extended version of one of my regular routes and cruised along through the neighborhood without regard to pace. I did a firmware update on my Garmin FR60 this week and haven't adjusted the display to reflect anything but time and distance. It's been fun not knowing until the end how fast I'd run my distance.

The entire run felt effortless and my cadence reflected that, averaging about 85 SPM. I ended up running about 45 seconds per mile faster than yesterday and didn't experience fatigue near the end of my run as I did on Thursday. It was a great run capping off a really good year of running. I'm hoping to do some new things in 2011, such as running a half marathon. For now I'm thankful to look forward to a full month of running in January.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

1,000 calorie run at Bethpage State Park

Today's workout (Bethpage bike trail): 8.15 miles at 9:10 per mile

Not counting last year's Cape Cod marathon relay in Falmouth where I ran 9 miles across two non-consecutive legs, I established a personal distance record on today's run. Unlike Falmouth, today was an uninterrupted run that covered over eight miles in an hour and fourteen minutes. I'd made the decision not to run this morning's RXR 10K and, perhaps out of guilt for not racing, I decided to do a long distance run on my own. In order to break out of my usual 5-6 mile doldrums that have been standing in as my long weekend runs over the last couple of months, I knew that needed to leave the neighborhood to help frame out a longer run.

I headed to Bethpage State Park and paid my fee at the gate. I tried to buy an Empire Passport on the spot but they only accepted a check or cash and I only had a little cash and some credit cards. I began my run at the end of the bike trail and immediately met the sharp but mercifully short initial hill. Once level I knew that I'd enjoy a long downhill at the half mile mark. The enjoyment was bittersweet because I knew I'd need to climb that long hill upon my return when I would be depleted from an hour-plus of running. I followed the trail for four miles and passed a number of runners and walkers and winced each time a cyclist whizzed by from behind a little too close for comfort. At one point two cyclists, who were riding side by side, came toward me and would have run me off the path but I stood my ground. Unfortunately for the closer rider, the end of my elbow struck his arm and produced a yelp. I apologized by yelling "share the road!" I think they learned their lesson. At least they didn't come after me.

A funny thing about the Bethpage bike trail is that it often gives the illusion that you are running uphill even when you're not. As I made my way for the 4 mile out segment I kept thinking how I'd enjoy the downhill side of the hills I was encountering. I turned around shortly after crossing the overpass to the Southern State Parkway and was dismayed as I headed back for the second 4 miles that the path seemed to run uphill. I still had plenty of energy at the midpoint so the hills were easily met but in the back of my mind I was dreading the long uphill stretch I'd encounter between miles 7 and 8. I caught and passed a few more runners and walkers and monitored my Garmin to make sure my heart rate was staying within range. I managed to keep my pace around 9:00 per mile for most of my run but by mile seven I slowed down to the mid-9:00 range, especially on the run-ending hills. The only time I questioned whether I could finish what would be a personal best for distance was leading up the big final hill. When I got there I just dug in, took smaller steps and hoped it would soon be over.

In the end I covered 8.15 miles and when I looked at the run summary on the Garmin I saw that I'd expended exactly 1,000 calories over the course of my run. I'm pleased that I've broken the 8 mile single run barrier and I feel better than I thought I would after all that work. Some day I'll run 9 but for today, the record stands at 8.15.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For the record

I'm thinking of challenging my distance record today, going for 7 miles which would be .37 miles longer than I've ever run at one time. In order to do this within my neighborhood I'll either need to spread over to neighborhood #3 or figure out a way of covering that distance within the more contiguous areas of my neighborhood or the adjacent neighborhood #2. It's interesting to note that since I've been running distances in the five and six mile range I've had trouble finding routes that don't repeat. Crossing into the 3rd neighborhood would make that a no brainer because, in terms of area, the neighborhood is as large as mine. The gating factor is getting to neighborhood #3 would involve a road that has fast moving traffic. There is a traffic light but still it worries me that drivers are paying enough attention in an area where they don't expect foot traffic. There are a number of other close but unexplored areas where I could run but they are separated by roads that also have no provision for foot traffic. I do have the option of running the bike trail at Bethpage State Park where I can run over a dozen miles out and then back.

I decided this morning to forgo an early day's run in order to give my legs a little recovery time. Since Friday afternoon I've run over 22 miles and although I feel great, that's almost 40% more daily distance than I usually run. Another LI runner who I interact with often on the Runners World Loop noted that yesterday's pre-run icing was inadvisable because that works against flexibility and can hurt my performance. I still have a lot to learn. I've just done some light stretching today and I'll likely go out before dinner to challenge my record.

Adventure Girl is running the 15 mile Shawangunk Solstice run tonight at 6:30 in New Paltz. I've seen pictures (see above) and it looks beautiful. I hope she has good weather, as do I, for my planned late afternoon run. It's been cloudy and rainy on and off today. Come to think of it that's pretty much perfect running weather.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A PR for the ER

 This past vacation week has been great fun. We stayed close to home but did a lot of different things. I've also enjoyed the opportunity to run outdoors every day and I've covered a lot of distance: 25 miles since last Sunday. I'm 56 days away from my 4-mile race and I'm confident that I can cover that distance at a credible pace. I'm feeling ready and what was once a comfortable buffer measured in months is now looking like an unnecessarily long gap that's making me a little impatient. I'm tempted to look for a local race between now and April to just get one under my belt.

One reason I'm feeling this way is that I reached a new distance milestone this morning, covering 5.26 miles in about 52 minutes (9:53/mi avg pace). This broke my previous distance record by about .8 miles. Although I was off my normal pace I was very pleased with the run. I struggled a little at the beginning (I'd expected that since the first half mile was up an incline) but quickly settled into a good stride and knew that I was in for a long run. One of my biggest de-motivators has been the adjacency to my house. As I get closer to home, near the end of my run, I usually begin to feel the struggle to finish.  I decided today that I'd double back a few times far enough away from my house that I wouldn't have an expectation that I was nearing the end. It worked. I was at least 2.5 miles from home at the 2.5 mile mark so I knew that I had to cover 5 miles unless I stopped or walked. And I never do either.

I was surprised by how well I felt when I reached my house. My pulse rate was slightly lower than average and although my legs felt tired I knew I was good for another mile if I had to run it. For the first time I understood how people can get through 10Ks, half-marathons and even full marathons. I can't do any of those but I understand a little more how conditioning prepares you to run for hours at a time without needing to stop.

I may take Sunday as a recovery day, either an easy run or light cross training. 4:00 AM Monday morning will come soon enough and I'll need to be ready for a fast 2 miles to start my workday.

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