Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 run summary

812 miles (average 67.7 miles per month)

Today's run (street): 4.3 miles

After looking back on 2010's running record I am satisfied with my performance this year. Even though things started slow (pneumonia limited January's mileage to 22% of my monthly average) I still managed to cover over 800 running miles, plus numerous elliptical miles. The histogram above reflects a greater focus on distance starting in August when I was training for the Dirty Sock and Great Cow Harbor 10K's. Despite the rough start I did improve over 2009 in the following areas:

  • Average distance per run  (+ .48 miles)
  • Longest distance run (+ 1.7 miles)
  • Average speed per run (+ .2 MPH)
  • Average run cadence (+ 2 steps per minute)
  • Median distance per run (.45 miles)

I also attained personal bests for a 10K and longest distance covered in a single run (also single day). I'll be posting my 2011 running goals soon and also report on how I did against my 2010 goals.

This morning I went out for my final run of 2010. The temperatures have been rising over the past week and it was about 34 degrees when I stepped outside. I wore the Kinvaras that felt much better than the Karhu's that I ran in yesterday. The better feel of my running shoes combined with the crisp late December air provided an energetic start. I ran an extended version of one of my regular routes and cruised along through the neighborhood without regard to pace. I did a firmware update on my Garmin FR60 this week and haven't adjusted the display to reflect anything but time and distance. It's been fun not knowing until the end how fast I'd run my distance.

The entire run felt effortless and my cadence reflected that, averaging about 85 SPM. I ended up running about 45 seconds per mile faster than yesterday and didn't experience fatigue near the end of my run as I did on Thursday. It was a great run capping off a really good year of running. I'm hoping to do some new things in 2011, such as running a half marathon. For now I'm thankful to look forward to a full month of running in January.


  1. Hi there-I'm looking to purchase a new running watch and was wondering what you use to track your mileage, pace, etc. Are you using a Garmin? Thank you! Lisa

  2. Hi Lisa, I use a Garmin Forerunner 60 (FR60) with a foot pod that wirelessly transmits pace, cadence, and other run metrics to the watch in real time. It also works with a wireless heart rate monitor. The FR60 is a great unit. I had the previous model (the FR50) and the 60 is a big improvement.

    I like this watch because it works both indoors and outdoors. If you run primarily outdoors you may also want to consider the Garmin 110. It's the simplest and least expensive Garmin GPS watch. The 210 is similar but also allows you to connect to a foot pod if you wish.

    With any of the Garmin watches you can wirelessly upload your data to Garmin Connect which aggregates your runs and provides very specific detail about every run.

    Let me know what you decide to buy!

  3. Thank you for your informative response-I decided to stick with the Garmin. I have had the Garmin 205 for years and it is dying :( So, since I am very familiar with all the features I decided to just upgrade a bit and also to start monitoring heart rate as well. I got a great deal as far as price goes, so that was also a big factor in my decision-I don't remember how I found your blog, but I really enjoy reading your posts! I live on the North Shore of Long Island, so we're neighbors! Happy New Year! Regards, Lisa

  4. Happy New year to you too! There are some good deals on Garmins online if you can find them. Do you cross check the accuracy of the 205 with Gmaps? I've found some margin of error with GPS which is why I've stayed with the foot pod.

    Where are your favorite places to run in the area? Do you run trails? I'm trying to discover more places to run in the area, especially in Nassau.

  5. One of my very favorite places to run is the Massapequa Preserve-no cars, quiet and beautiful (and flat for the most part). On the North Shore, I like to run in Old Brookville, Brookville and through Roslyn Harbor-no trails, but quite beautiful!

  6. We're fortunate to have so many great places around here to run. I ran the Massapequa Preserve for the first time recently. I came upon it while running the Bethpage Bike Path.

    Two places that I love and recommend are Stillwell Woods and Muttontown Preserve. They don't charge admission fees and are safe from cars.

    I hope you have some great runs in 2011.

  7. And we had fun!

    See you on the roads in 2011.

  8. Definitely had fun. Too early to start training for Cow Harbor?


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