Saturday, December 11, 2010

Double digit run - a new personal distance record

Today's run (Bethpage State Park) 10.2 miles

The weather has been freezing this week and Sunday is supposed to be rainy. Although it's a busy Saturday I wanted to make sure that I took advantage of today's weather to get in some base-building distance. I briefly considered lots of loops around the neighborhood before heading to Bethpage State Park to run the bike trail. I've been wanting to break my distance record for a contiguous run (8.5 miles) and most miles in a day (9).  Bethpage was a better place to try that.

It was a chilly 29 degrees at 8:00 AM when I started my run and I was tempted to run at a faster pace than I'd planned.  I intended to run down to the Massapequa Preserve to a spot that I'd measured on Google Earth to be five miles from the trail start at Bethpage. That would allow me to complete an out-and-back total of ten miles. Once I'd passed the first mile I had warmed up enough to be comfortable. I kept my pace moderate to reserve enough energy for the final miles of this rolling course. The first four miles came fairly quickly and before I knew it I was crossing over the Southern State where the Massapequa Preserve starts. I ran that part of the trail until my Garmin chirped 5 miles and I reversed direction for the second half of my run.

There were many runners on the path this morning, lots of high school cross country runners in bunches. I noticed that the quarter mile markings on the path didn't align to my Garmin and after two or three comparisons I realized that my foot pod was off by .08 each mile. Over 10 miles that added up to about .8 miles so I knew I'd need to make that distance up at the end if I wanted to claim a true 10. By mile eight I was really feeling the workout. I had no doubt of the outcome but I was dreading the big hill at the end. I got up the hill in better shape than I'd expected and I finished the run with a few long loops around the lot that brought me confidently past the 10 mile mark. Just for good measure (pardon the pun) I ran until the Garmin read 11 miles, but I'm considering today's distance to officially total 10.2 miles.

A full day for both mind and body
I was wiped out after that run but today's schedule had little downtime. My wife, kids and I spent the middle of the day at the Cold Spring Harbor DNA Learning Center where we attended a class on the sense of smell. My son attended camp there this summer and we all had a great time. I'm thinking I'll sleep well tonight. So now that I'm in double digits for my personal distance record, maybe a half marathon isn't such an aspirational goal.


  1. Terrific. Congrat on your distance run.

  2. Thanks! Maybe we can run one of the LI half marathons in 2011.

  3. Good job!! Ten miles is a great feeling...and you can totally run an HM if you can do ten. I ran mine and my longest training run was 9. =o)

  4. That's encouraging. When I was preparing to finish that run I felt I could have just kept going, albeit at a slower pace. 13.1 miles doesn't seem so scary anymore!

  5. Congrats! I ran 8 yesterday, and it has been over 7 years since I did that! These running accomplishments feel great!

    I agree with the upcoming 13.1 mile not feeling so daunting any more (mine is Jan 16).


  6. Way to go Alli! That's really great. A half planned for January is the perfect thing to do after the holidays. Let me know how it goes.


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