Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pre-blizzard Sunday run

Today's run (street): 4 miles

It's only beginning
The snow is starting to come down hard after a period of light flakes. This morning I went to the local market to pick up some necessary items and the supermarket was a madhouse. I was glad I made the effort and now the house is well stocked. We may get 18 inches between today and tomorrow but at least I won't need to deal with the Long Island Railroad's inability to deal with snow in the morning. Plus the shoveling will provide some much needed some upper body exercise.

I was re-reading my posts from a year ago trying to determine when my pneumonia manifested itself. The scary thing is that just a couple of days before I was slammed by illness I had run four good miles at Stillwell. Even so, I feel far better today than I felt a year ago, but the fear of another bout with something looms large. At 9:30 AM the skies were gray but no snow was falling. I figured I should get out for a few miles because it could take days before the roads were clear again. I've experimented with some of the gels from KWL's holiday gift basket and learned that one gel and half a glass of water, consumed 30 minutes before a run, seems to provide a positive result.

I chose a route that is different from what I normally run and ended up covering four miles at a moderate overall pace. I felt like I could go forever during the first three miles but I picked up my speed after that point which took my run from nice-and-easy to semi-brisk. I wore the Kinvaras that reminded me again how perfect a minimalist running shoe can feel. By the time I returned home I was accompanied by lightly falling snow. The kids are out back playing in the already accumulated inches and my wife and I will soon do the first of many driveway shovelings between today and tomorrow. Between that and today's run I may end up with a whole body workout.

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