Thursday, December 16, 2010

Back on the frozen roads

Today's run (street) 2.5 miles

I gave a lecture to some NYU students last night and I didn't get home until late. I'd considered going into the office a little later this morning but decided to stay with my normal train schedule. When I got up to run today I was still tired and I had to talk myself into going outside. The conditions weren't too inviting with temperatures around 20 degrees. Colder than that when the wind blew. I put on my winter gear and headed outside hoping to get my body temperature up before the deep freeze penetrated all my layers.

Considering my tired state and the cold conditions, my run went smoothly. I wasn't looking to cover a lot of ground but this weekend's activities will limit my options for longer runs. I needed to get some distance in as I hadn't run on the road since Saturday. My only workouts since Saturday's 10 mile run were a treadmill run and an elliptical session. I was happy that I wore my warmest hat but its bulk made the headlamp strap very tight on my head. I figured I could bear it for a couple of miles. My ASICS glove/mittens performed like champs and kept my hands warm the entire time I ran. I had hoped to maintain a brisker pace than 9:30 but that's what I ended up running. The important thing is that it seemed faster. The weather will get a little warmer tomorrow so I'll look forward to that run and forgo some layers in the process. It was nice to be out on the roads again after five days away.

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