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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Like running on the beach, except for the frozen face

Today's run (snow): 3.2 miles

Long Island is receiving its first snowfall of the winter, with about three inches of powder on the roads so far. Since I ran on the treadmill three times this week to avoid snow that didn't come, I thought I'd continue my illogical reasoning by running outside when it did snow.

If I were skiing or snowshoeing I would have been thrilled with the conditions I faced when I stepped outside. The snow was soft powder that looked very pretty. Unfortunately, the fluffy stuff absorbed most of the energy from my stride. As I moved along, I noticed how similar this was to running on a sandy beach.

The streets were not plowed and I was wary of any car or truck I encountered because I didn't trust their control. I headed to the sidewalk so avoid any vehicles, but I preferred the roads that had packed snow where cars had driven. The effort of running on 3 inches of powder was exhausting, but the sections of hard pack brought some relief.

The temperature was 25 degrees when I started my run and the snowflakes that landed on my face and glasses threatened to freeze. Still, I was fairly comfortable. By the time I returned home my face felt numb.

I only covered three miles this morning, but it felt like double that distance in terms of effort. I was sweating by the end, but once I changed into dry clothes I was ready for my second workout: shoveling the driveway. The snow has finally stopped and, by tomorrow, I'm hoping the roads will be clear. If that's the case I'll be sure to appreciate the benefits of running on a more responsive surface.

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