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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Of treadmills and laziness

Today's run (treadmill - 2% incline): 25 minutes

I never thought that I'd consider myself lazy for getting up at 3:45 AM and running on the treadmill. But that's the way I felt this morning as I followed my indoor routine. There's no doubt that I prefer running outdoors to indoors, and ideally on trails. But the treadmill provides something that is irreplaceable at 4:00 AM -- time savings.

The amount of time it takes me to prepare for an outdoor run in cold weather is almost twice that of a treadmill run. With the additional gear and waiting for my Garmin to acquire a signal, I can easily lose 10 precious minutes. Surprisingly, my unabated hatred for the treadmill has given way to a qualified respect for its versatility. I've come to appreciate the capability to vary speed at the touch of a button and switch elevations on command.

So maybe laziness is the wrong word to describe why I chose the treadmill today instead of an outdoor run. Maybe practicality was the reason. All the same, If there's no rain tomorrow, I'll be back to the streets in the morning.

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