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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Running like a ninja (sort of)

Today's run (street): 3.3 miles

The local TV station was already reporting 30 MPH winds by the time I went outside for this morning's run. Knowing that, I wore a lightweight windbreaker over a long sleeved running shirt and a balaclava to protect my face and ears from the wind chill. I wasn't sure what I'd encounter once I reached the street, but I was prepared to be challenged when I hit these winds head-on.

Between the jacket and the snug fit of the balaclava, I felt surprisingly cozy. This gear provided great protection from the loud winds that buffeted me on all sides. Getting up the first slight incline was tougher than usual due to the extra resistance from the wind. I settled into my pace once I switched direction from north to east.

I'd only planned to run about 30 minutes so I didn't bother to conserve much energy. The resistance I felt when I headed north, even with a fairly brisk stride, was making little impact on my pace. I didn't encounter too many people along the way, but the few who were out walking their dogs did a double take when they saw me run by in all black, wearing something resembling a ninja mask.

It wasn't until I came indoors that I saw how much sweat I'd collected. It was then that I realized that neither the running jacket, nor the balaclava, provided any capability to wick or evaporate moisture. All the same, I never felt overheated during my run.

I was happy to get in a workout today, despite the sub-optimal conditions. Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be milder and far less windy. That's good because I'm hoping to cap of this vacation week with one last quality run on Sunday.

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