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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Running in the morning and (multi) culture at noon

Eye of the tiger (actually lion)
Today's run (street): 3.75 miles

I needed to get out early this morning for my run, so I deferred a visit to Stillwell or Bethpage until (possibly) tomorrow. I had more time than yesterday, so I figured I'd try to cover a little more distance. In an attempt to shave off a few minutes, I turned on the Garmin while I was still inside. I thought the chances of acquiring a signal were low, but I figured I'd try. Amazingly, while still in the house, the Garmin was ready to rock in about ten seconds. When I turn it on while standing outside (under clear skies), it can take five minutes or more to go to ready mode.

In keeping with my policy of never running the same route twice, I departed from my usual starting street in favor of another road to the west. I continued to choose less traveled roads until I reached a point that put me back onto my usual route. I ran easy today because I ran fairly hard yesterday. It wasn't a fast run, but all considered, it was still in the range of acceptable performance.

Indian music, dance and drum

Korean synchronized drumming
Lion dancers
Japanese calligraphy
Thai dancers

Multi-cultural parade
I returned home and quickly took a shower, knowing my wife would soon be back from a morning coffee date with a friend. We immediately headed out to a multinational cultural festival that was being held at a local college. This event, that was sponsored by the Asian-American Cultural Circle of Unity, had many exhibits that featured food, art and local products from around the world. There were many performances, including Korean drummers, Chinese lion dancers and numerous musicians.

We all had a great time, and I recommend this free event to everyone!

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