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Friday, September 25, 2009

Down at the boardwalk

I'm pleased that I got three morning runs in this week plus a good elliptical session. I went out this morning for a tidy 2.3 miler and appreciated the cool temperature and low humidity a lot more after Wednesdays hot and steamy conditions. I've been trying to average over 20 miles a week and that's sometimes hard to achieve with my schedule. When I was running on Fridays in the city I could usually count on 14+ miles between then and Monday. That meant I only had to find six more miles during the rest of the week to make my distance goal. Now that fall has arrived, bringing with it meeting-packed Fridays, I'm discovering what a luxury it was to have that time for my running adventures. I could still do a weekly city run but that would require my arrival at the office before 7:00 AM or a later trip home in the evening. Neither is an appealing option as my days are already long.

We're going away this weekend and staying at a place near the water. Our hotel faces the beach, which is nice, but I'm also excited that there's a boardwalk that runs along the beach. I've only run on boardwalks a few times but I've always liked the cushioned effect and the springy response from the wood. Much of running (for me) centers on the places where I run (hence my love of trails and extreme dislike for treadmills) so I'm really looking forward to looking out at the water on what will be - hopefully - a cool dry morning. The Cape Cod marathon may give me another opportunity to run by the water but I'm not sure if my two relay legs include sections of the ocean. I sure hope they do. In the meantime I'll enjoy this weekend's waterfront experience. I just hope it doesn't rain.

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