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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Will this brand Thriv?

Thriv's Path Crew running shirt

Yesterday's run (Central Park): 3.1 miles
Today's workout (elliptical): 25 minutes

It's no secret that I like running gear and that I'm interested in technologies that help a runner achieve their best performance. I appreciate the innovations that come from the big running shoe companies so long as they provide benefits and aren't just selling marketing hype. When I see something new I pay attention, especially when it represents innovation. Over the weekend we stopped into Sports Authority to find a gym bag for my daughter and I noticed they had a new line of running clothes under the brand name Thriv. The Thriv shirts, apparently made in India, were very appealing. They were soft like cotton and colorful, but not garish. The labels claimed great wicking capabilities through their combination of organic cotton and bamboo and the prices were competitive. I bought a red "Path Crew" jersey in size large (no medium choice) because this particular model was discounted to $20.

I wore my new Thriv shirt on my run in Central Park with JQ yesterday. It was dry and cool, with some sun, and we followed our standard three mile route while enjoying the park and maintaining our usual, lively discussion. The shirt was very comfortable and the fit was generous. I would have preferred it to be a size smaller but it was fine for a workout of this type. Since we were running a couple of minutes per mile slower than my usual training pace I didn't generate my normal level of perspiration but I did sweat some and the shirt wicked it fine. However, the Path Crew didn't do a good job of evaporating moisture compared with my experiences wearing the Nike Sphere and Brooks Rev T jerseys. I'd put Thriv in the middle of my running shirt collection in terms of effectiveness, better than the C9's and REC Tech's but not at the level of the ATAYNE, Adidas, Nike and Brooks shirts. For $20 it's a decent addition to my athletic-wear collection. Still, I'll probably stick with the brands that provide both innovation and performance, even if it costs me more.

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