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Friday, April 16, 2010

I tortured my banker but, hey, great run today!

Riverside Park, NYC
Today's workout (street): 5.5 miles at 9:33/mile

I don't think my friend and investment banker, Steven, knew quite what he was getting into when he agreed to run with me today in the city. I had proposed a route that would cover 3.5 miles with an option of running or walking another mile back to our office buildings at the end. Prior to today, Steven had not yet run three full miles and most of his running had been on the treadmill. He was willing to push himself today and the route, which should have taken us from 6th Ave. to the West Side bike path to 72nd Street and then through Central Park, looked straightforward on Gmaps.

We set out at a brisk but manageable pace, the skies were overcast, the air was cool and dry and the river provided a great view to our left.  Everything was going fine until we passed the 2 mile mark along the bike path. We could not find any signs that told us how far north we had run but I knew that we were getting close to the 70's and I started looking for a cutout that would take us under the West Side Highway and lead us east towards Central Park. There was no obvious exit point and by the time we found one we were already up around 88th Street. After some experimentation we made our way to Riverside Drive and headed south and east until we reached the park.

When we passed the three mile mark Steven was pleased with his personal distance record. The extra blocks added  two miles to our planned distance and by the four mile mark he was having some trouble with the hills. We slowed the pace until he felt comfortable and then hit a downhill stretch that he greatly appreciated. I have to say that the hills were hardly a challenge for me today. I guess all that training for last week's race has paid off. By the time we reached the bottom of the lower loop in Central Park my Garmin was showing 5.4 miles and Steve was pretty exhausted. I encouraged him to run another tenth so he could say he ran 5.5 miles. I felt remarkably good and could have easily gone another five.

I felt a little guilty for torturing my friend but I kept encouraging him to stop if he needed to rest but he carried on without complaint. If I pushed my friend too hard today it didn't discourage him as we agreed to do another run next Friday, schedules permitting. I'm planning to run with my friend CK next Tuesday. The last time we ran I was the one who had trouble keeping up. I hope I do better next week. If not, I only have karma to blame.

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