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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Post-earthquake run

Did you feel that?
Today's run (street): 2.65 miles

Yesterday afternoon, the city was abuzz with excitement about the tremors from an earthquake that had hit the DC area. Though I was out at that time, I completely missed the experience. Buildings were evacuated and even my wife and kids felt it in Long Island. To me, the most amazing thing about it was that the LIRR still ran on time last night.

This morning I knew I needed to step up the pace for my run. Yesterday morning I gave myself a break and did a slow recovery run. It's seductive to do that because it feels great to run without straining. This is especially true when you go out right after waking up.

I wore my Hattori's for the first time in a week, having switched to the Mirages for Dirty Sock training and recovery. It was nice to have lighter shoes, but I noticed the zero drop more than I usually do. I worked on keeping my turnover steady and hoped that my cadence was edging toward the high-80 SPM range. I ran a different route and covered a little more distance than I normally do. I was satisfied with the effort, overall. Though my pace performance wasn't above average, it was solidly back to normal. I hope to improve that this weekend.

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