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Friday, June 29, 2012

Central Park Fun Run

Fun Run start and finish spot
Yesterday's run (Central Park Fun Run): 1.6 miles

Yesterday afternoon my company's division held its summer holiday picnic in Central Park. I work with great people and it's a pleasure to spend time with them. The picnic is usually a low key affair and this year was no different. We order sandwiches, walk together to Central Park and settle in at a predetermined spot. The activities are optional, some play Frisbee or pickup football games and others enjoy relaxing in the shade. This year we brought back our "Fun Run/Walk" that we last did in 2009.

We had over twenty signed up for the run but (unfortunately) a few people needed to remain at the office resolving some business issues. This event was non-competitive and we took off together at a manageable pace. Our course followed the lower loop of the Park in a clockwise direction. Most cyclists and runners go counter-clockwise, but I wanted to start us off going downhill (and also wanted to avoid finishing uphill).

1.6 miles goes by fairly quickly, but the distance was perfect considering the heat and humidity. It is always fun to run with a group, especially this one. Before I knew it, we'd reached the top of the Mall and followed the path back to our starting point. A couple of people put down the hammer for the final third of a mile, but I was content to maintain my mid-9:00 pace until the end.

I'd brought Wet Ones wipes for people to "towel down" after they'd finished and I was glad that I did. We watched the rest of our colleagues come in, the runners and then the walkers. When all were accounted for we crossed the road and joined our division colleagues at the picnic spot. It was a perfect way to detach from the business and generate a little sweat, not far from the office. I wish we could do this every week!

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