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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Where JavaScript and running meet

JSON born
Today's run (street): 2.5 miles

In my past life I studied programming languages and applied it at various jobs throughout my career. I liked the combination of structure and art that comes from programming. The structure was the syntax and logic and the art was the creation of an experience that came from typing many++ lines of code.

This blog allows me to do some fun stuff with HTML, but lately I've been playing with JavaScript. I've challenged myself to writing a process that will pull JSON data from Daily Mile that I can parse, query, calculate and display on the site. Daily Mile has widgets that do that, but they display more info than I want to show. With the work I've done so far, I can see that this will be a real challenge.

I was thinking about my approach to writing this process as I ran through my neighborhood this morning. It was a nice distraction and, more than once, I found myself further along on my route than I'd realized. I thought I was running faster than what the numbers showed, but perhaps thinking deeply and fast pacing are not compatible concepts. I ended up with a respectable time along with some new ideas about approaching my new coding project.

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