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Friday, June 17, 2011

Should I get on The Stick?

I'm only in the office for morning meetings and then I'll head out at mid-day for a week's vacation. It was raining when I got up this morning so I postponed my run. I'll have many more opportunities for longer runs while I'm away so I figured I'd defer today's run rather than deal with the treadmill. If the weather clears up later I may get a short run in or head over to Stillwell for some trail riding.

For those who prefer their compression delivered segmentally
I was talking to another runner yesterday about my recent leg soreness and he suggested "The Stick", a simple looking device that's used to "segmentally compress and stretch muscle." Sounds serious. I've seen it advertised in magazines and sold at places like City Sports and at race Expos. I've always gotten the impression that it's just an expensive toy. The website lists eight adult models (there's also a model for kids and one for dogs!) that range in length and firmness and cost between $28 and $54.

The two models that I'd consider are the 24" Original ($42.50) or the 20" Marathon ($31.95). It's hard to justify the cost for something that looks like a pole covered with plastic curtain rings but if it works and you use it every day, that expense can be amortized quickly. I have some City Sport bucks that are going to expire soon. And it is Father's Day on Sunday. Hmmm.

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