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Monday, December 21, 2009

Planning for some indoor running

I supplemented my shoveling workout with 33 minutes on the elliptical yesterday. I like having the option of using that machine but, despite the resistance, I never feel like I work as hard as I do when I run. I had the television on and that did a nice job of distracting me for a period and the very dry air kept my level of sweating to a minimum. I tuned out the TV after a while and just zoned out as I worked. I recently finished Dean Karnezes' book Ultramarathon Man where he talked about how he fell asleep while running the Badwater Ultramarathon. I understood that a little better as I fell into the rhythm of the elliptical, although I suspect that if had I fallen asleep I would have quickly come to a stop.

Since it is Monday I took a scheduled rest day. As I drove to the train this morning I observed the plowed roads with their patina of ice and realized that tomorrow morning's workout will need to happen indoors. No escaping that unless the temperature rises by 20 degrees and stays that way. I'm okay with the notion of returning once again to the treadmill although I'll admit my reluctance to do it. If I felt that the elliptical provided the same benefit my decision would be simple. I may try my new Nike+ sensor that was a gift from my friend and colleague KWL while I run on the treadmill and compare my readings on the iPhone to the read readings on my Garmin 50. Almost any distraction is a good distraction. Better to be looking at running metrics than falling asleep on the treadmill. I don't think that I would have the same positive outcome as Dean.

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