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Monday, November 21, 2011

Let's hear it for mediocrity!

Extraordinarily average
After yesterday's race, one of my kids joked that I was dressed like a superhero. With my tight black running pants, black jersey and black cap, plus my fire-engine red Hattori's, you could certainly make a case for that. I said that if I was a superhero, I'd be called "Mediocre Running Man" because, once again, I'd finished in the middle of the pack. Technically, I finished in the top 44%, which still counts as average.

How is it that, after improving almost a minute over last year, I still fall somewhere within the middle of the pack? Or, as I like to look at it, at the top of the bell curve? Actually, it gets worse because I almost ended up in the bottom third of my age division.

Although many who know me would think otherwise, none of this bothers me in the least. The only person I care about beating is my own self in previous races. I love that I'm competing more effectively than the "me" of two and three years ago. There's a time when Master's runners reach their peak and then begin a steady decline in their race performance. The good news is I'm not there...yet. It may be that I came into this later in the game, but I'm hopeful that I'll continue to improve. Perhaps next year my superhero name could live up to my outfit.

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